A little reflection

Gathering At the Well

How do you spend moments with Jesus?
Do you have a set quiet time?
If you have children, how has your time changed from when you didn't or over the years as they have grown?

I was going to skip this topic, but found I had some things to contribute to it. I have been studying scriptures more since blogging. My eldest is 21 and to go back that far, I wouldn't really remember how things had changed from those early years. I know I had a better understanding of what "quiet time" meant then I am sure spending so much time as I did in church when I was a teenager.

I was reading a blog (Green Thumb Mama), and came across the link to the Duggar site, and their character quality grid, I've given the link as pdf as it is easier to read. I felt that some of my qualities had gone down in the last year or so. I need to refocus, for sure. I challenge you to read a few squares and see what I mean.


Hill upon Hill said…
This is incredibly helpful, thankyou very much.....

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