Our Weekend Memoirs

Our Weekend Memoirs

Well today the breeze felt like it came straight off the snow. My husband came back from his trip to Canberra with our son, and managed to get the heater fan fixed, with lots of, not drama, but it was very hot, so a bit tricky. There is something wrong with the bearing, so it will need proper fixing soon for next winter. I forgot that Idol was on at 6.30 so missed the start of it. My favourite was the guy with the Afro styled hair that sung tonight. I thought he did a better job of it than Wes did last year.

I sorted out the recipe for beef sausages. I really liked it. Whoever thought of it is a genius. It was French stick with hommus, lettuce, a yoghurt & lemon & mint concoction, yum. I haven't seen a French stick in a shop that I have noticed for years. My husband got it from 2 hours away on his way home.

My practical jumper got put aside for a warmer one, which of course is my new one, too cold without the heater fan. The clothes horse got filled again with clothes, and now the heater fan is working again, there is a chance they will dry.

The dog got two new toys this week, now to mow the grass.

I got my husband to try the Angus burger at McDonalds as well. I had one on Thursday. They are very filling, or I thought so.

This August and last August I got a cold. I don't get many. But both times I got asthma back after not having it for years. Today it was a bit better, so I am glad.

My daughter got her injections for her trip. It was during the time the Youth group left for a bonfire. My little girl and I drove her there and I was treated to a nice sunset. The kids were walking to the new progressive dinner spot and were all friendly to me, though it wasn't our town, of course they all go to school together. It was very pleasant. I even got asked if one teen could get a lift with us. It brings me back to my childhood when my cousins and others got lifts into town and back for work and other things.

I didn't get my coffee bean lollies, but we got a bag of things from the Asian store called The Hub. It is fantastic.


Willa said…
Summer is on your way while the cold weather started here already.
Have a wonderful week down under! :)
Danton said…
Seems you are having a partial favorite for things Asian which really is not bad at all.
Ebie said…
Hi Linda, that's a lot of activities going on! I hope your house did not get cold before the heater was fixed. Im glad your daughter got the injections for the your camp. Better safe than sorry. Thanks again for playing OWN this week.

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