Pet Pride

Pet Pride is a popular seven week old meme that starts Sunday each week it is hosted at Wings and Paws.

Hi. This is Miki our one year old dog. I assume he is chewing again! The kids often go into the yard with the camera to photograph him. He is pretty quick, a lot of the photos are motion shots in a blur!


Gennasus said…
Is Miki a GSP? They are similar to vizslas in a lot of ways.

I've just seen your post on your son's graduation. Congratulations! We had our son's just a few weeks ago in Edinburgh, it was a wonderful day. What did your son graduate in? And does he know what he wants to do now?!
Linda said…
Yes, he is a GSP.

Our son graduated in B. Commerce. He is working already, they were letting him have time off to study. He works in one of the government departments.

I am glad you dropped by, I wanted to see your graduation post again. I couldn't find it. Thanks.
magiceye said…
hey miki
happy chewing!


Pet Pride

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