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FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside my window... there is a lot of fog. It is after midday. It is not around the buildings, but there is no view, it is very low. It is supposed to be a very warm day, like I am assuming others are having

I am thinking... of that awful picture the kids decided to do for school. I am in a position where I can't complain, but that was awful, and the school people who organised it possibly should rethink the idea. If my daughter does one I will be mortified. At least my son was being normal. This blog is about treechange, and there are lots of downsides of treechange besides a supposed lack of employment that would drive people back to the city. That wasn't the fault of the school though. I can't describe it accurately

Also birds here are hard to avoid with cars, they have no fear. I had a plover try to protect a chick that ran out onto the road. Plovers here are different to ones in the Northern Hemisphere from a quick look on google. I would have missed the chick, but the plover ran out, then flew straight up as they do into the front of my car. I had legs or something peeking out, a largish bird stuck on the front, and a wing, and feathers coming off as I was driving. I am sure who I told before may have thought I was telling stories. But, it was so unusual. I had blood on the windscreen and feathers stuck to it that we still have to wash off. They have unusual faces, and chicken like feet. The first time I had seen one up close was only a week or so ago when one drank from the rainwater running down the curb. I grew up with plovers. They lived in the paddock between my Grandma's and Uncle's. I stayed away from them because they have poison on them somewhere and I was scared. I took away the bird background on my blog because the feet reminded me of the plover!

I am thankful for... the talk of one of my daughter's being baptised

From the kitchen... I have all the ingredients for my raspberry tray bake, but forgot the butter. Actually I went too fast past the dairy aisle

I am wearing... My usual good clothes, no socks and it is a bit chilly

I am creating... maybe something with raspberries. A smoothy and a slice

I am going... to the circus

I am reading... The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister. I got to the first few pages one night and hit on a word that I thought was something else and nearly took it back. It turns out it is a very interesting book so far.

I am hoping... I have done the thinking for the University applications for my son right

I am hearing... the washing machine filling up, Austar (satellite TV). Last week I went to watch real TV for the start of Idol (Kyle was being an angel, I enjoyed watching him. I heard he was axed for the live shows, I assume that is right.

Around the house... my daughter asked for sister questions about the iron. I went to check on her settings as the iron sounded hot, and she had already ironed up a storm. Some people just have lots of get up and go.

One of my favorite things... the tiny Pikachu that my son made from a post it note. He must have very nimble hands.

A few plans for the rest of the week: getting through the novels my library gave to me. I had no books on my list, put some on, and hit the jackpot

Here is picture thought I am sharing... this is an illustration why I should try to learn how to use the camera my son leant me for my daughter's trip. I would get more detail on the birds, which are galahs. They were on the lawn eating until I turned up

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