Thankful Thursday (not)

Warm Winter Blessing

This post I started on the 22nd of July for Thankful Thursday:

"Well, it is still winter here, last I heard there was still lots of snow, but today (Saturday) was warm everywhere, even though the fog here was still low at lunchtime. The house still gets cold, it took quite awhile to warm up this morning, but in the afternoon it got possibly too warm in the house but not for long really.

My husband got two pairs of work trousers from the op-shop. One turned out to be hardly worn or new, I haven't had a close look, pair of moleskins that you can get online for $88. Still in the current color. That is amazing. He had to look there and try them on, he had nothing to wear that was old and he was all packed ready to go woodcutting.

The wood was a blessing too. Our chainsaw was stolen, and in the meantime we had some wood at our other house. Our old chainsaw was serviced inexpensively. It hurt my husband's back last week a little when he found it needed the service. I am pleased he was able to manage despite the hard work of trying to start it and running out of energy. It is very heavy, an antique. I believe we will manage to get a replacement for the other one maybe in a few weeks."

Today is the last day of winter. It has been raining. Nowhere near as cold, but still yesterday was only something like 12 oC. Which in our hometown where I lived until aged 39 (nearly 7 years ago) that was a cold day, or 11 was.

The plums in the street, the prunus and nearly all the way out. We have had a few nice days. A bit stormy this week. We got some of the wind that places like Canada got, but less I imagine. Today I saw a vase of daffodils at the hospital, it seemed each daffodil was different to the next.

My blessings for today, the last day of winter, is that my son said to me he got Very High in a Specialist Maths SAC or coursework that counts towards his mark. I thought that was very special.


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