Thankful Thursday

It has been a big week for me when I look back on it. At Iris' blog, the theme for this week is Joy. A lovely theme.

I am thankful for the big day out I had shopping before last Thursday's thankful post. I got to see changes in Coles and Target and got some passport photos and clothes for our daughter. I am thankful I was able to do that for her, with some help from Mum. The clothes in-store were just the type of thing we wanted, and it was the right time in the season to be buying them

~ I am thankful my second son said he gave his heart to the Lord last Friday

~ I am thankful my first son graduated from University this Tuesday

aren't they fantastic blessings?

We had a difficult weekend after he gave his heart to the Lord. Thankfully things are back on track, I got up very early and with my husband and kids drove to the place of the graduation despite the lack of sleep on the weekend

~ part of the stress, only one part, was some worry about our second son. The teacher had sent a letter to a senior teacher about our son. My husband was upset I think, it was bad at the time, I felt the stress, but thankfully I have forgotten the details. At some point his mark for an exam came back and it was an A. On Wednesday the teacher came and shook his hand. Hopefully that means the complaint no longer stands? Maybe my son is what they call a "dark horse" to them. He needed an improvement in that subject to carry his marks to get where he wants to go and not take second best, which of course I would be happy with too. Today they are predicting a mark 15 higher than the mark he got for it last year. That is fantastic, and I hope it happens.

~ my eldest daughter bought a CD at the Youth Rally and she and her brother sing the songs while travelling, it must have made a big impression on them

~ the gift of the cookery teacher at school. The girls are learning things that interest them. Our daughter has remade both pizza and salami garlic bread rolls. Then I think she saw a recipe for scones in a supermarket catalogue and made those.

~ safe travelling in the dark, and early in the morning

~ I found out that my second son has actually passed Unit 4 English for VCE. I didn't know. He passed Unit 3 this year, which may or may not mean he already qualifies for an ENTER score. It all depends on if this qualifies for this mysterious "sequence" they mention. He is doing Unit 4 again anyway, but it would be nice to know

~ although we couldn't borrow a trailer, we were still able to manage without going woodcutting. My husband filled up the back of our SUV with wood we had stacked at our other house

~ although my daughter was a little sick on Wednesday, it was a blessing because we got her malaria tablets and injections sorted out for her trip

~ I was blessed to be able to observe the Muslim dress that some of the audience were wearing at the graduation ceremony. Although my daughter won't be wearing it as such, it was interesting. She is going to Malaysia

~ good weather that we travelled in. Thank you for anyone that may have prayed for us. No frosts, ice or road closures. These closures we didn't know about, and are worth remembering next winter as we would need to make sure we have extra fuel

~ my son's girlfriend seems to have been very blessed by the graduation ceremony, it has been an inspiration to her

~ that I was able to see Parliament House!

This month we are with Iris at Grace Alone for Thankful Thursday.


scrappy quilter said…
Linda I'm doing a happy dance here in regards to your second son. That is just so wonderful. Great list. I love these thankful lists.
Pia said…
linda, i am so happy for you for those blessings. God is truly wonderful isn't He? i'm praising God along with you for those beautiful beautiful blessings.

God bless you more, linda.
Denise said…
Such precious blessings, praise God for saving your son.
gengen said…
God's blessings are wonderful. Take care...
LisaShaw said…
My first visit and glad I came...

Beautiful sharing and praise the LORD for your sons salvation! Glory to GOD!
Michele said…
Awesome, wonderful TT List. God Bless
Angela said…
praise God for your son's decision...hallelujah!
Jerralea said…
Great blessing list, especially the news of your second son asking the Lord into his heart! Angels are rejoicing with you!
Rita T. said…
What a great list of blessings! I'm so thankful for your son's salvation!
Daisy said…
These are beautiful moments with your family. How I wish I had a closeness with mine like yours. But I am still thankful for all the hardships coz that is what made me strong.

Btw, I'm a bit late for Thankful Thursday (here is my entry) hope you drop by...

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