You are the vine we are the branches

I have been reading a study written At The Well this week. At first I could understand it with a little help from another article on the web. I had also just finished reading Liz Curtis Higgs novel Grace In Thine Eyes. At the Well is based on Solomon 4:12 - 5:1 and the web references I mentioned are Here, here & here.

However, after reading At The Well again, and checking the bible references one and two within, wow. You could study on it for a whole week.

When I went to church I loved the song You Are The Vine we are the branches. The ones one Youtube are not the one we sang at the Assembly of God. I wonder if anyone has the video of the one we sing here in Australia. It is a beautiful worship song.

It brought me to a video called Attending Church will not keep you from going cold.

It fits in perfectly with what was said last week At The Well in the post Danger Ahead. "Have you, like me, been totally appalled lately with what you see on TV? We watch an English serial called “The Bill.” Currently the Detective Inspector is having an affair with a very attractive Police Constable and the whole context is that the DI’s wife is prudish, frigid, inferior and the PC is anything but. The scriptwriters purposely make the cheating spouse attractive and the betrayed spouse unattractive! This is promoting adultery as an attractive past time. And denigrates marriage."

It makes you glad you are not a man in some ways. It does make you respect their job. Also it is humbling and makes me wonder about this relationship we are to cultivate with Jesus.


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