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Robynn's Ravings is having a 30-Day Throw Down! I found it on Joolz blog, her posts are lovely, as usual. What is a thrown down? No take away or frozen dinners. I suppose like Jamie Oliver's drive for homecooking?

I am a bit late starting, not sure if I qualify. I could be in this category:

"Maybe you live remotely and NEVER eat fast or processed foods. You are so far removed from this nonsense you can’t even identify with me. Maybe you grow your own food. If so, I’m in love with you and you have my undying admiration. May I stay with you for six months while I detox? It could get ugly. When do you want me?"

I do live remotely, but there are takeaway shops very close to us. There are also some jars of things in the shops, but they are nearly homecooked. The thing is, I can identify in some way, and we haven't grown our own food for years. I believe that we do live the thrown down all the time, so I am doing the diary anyway, maybe it will prove useful for someone. I believe I have been healthier since living here, either from this diet, the fresh air and water, or less stress. Have no way of knowing which has contributed the most. Having said that I did have takeway when we went to Canberra and to the regional centre recently. Usually in the past I bought Baker's Delight at the regional centre, why because it was a cheap way of feeding us all, sharing a twist between two people and bringing our own drinks. I think in that regard we have become lazy lately, though the others don't mind bringing their water bottles. Hopefully I haven't forgotten things that I have eaten so far.

Room for improvement: having tea/dinner earlier.

Have I lost weight? I think a few months ago I was thinner in the thighs and doubleish chin, but I am not convinced things are not going back to where they were?

My recommendation? Watch Supersize vs Superskinny if losing weight is what you are after.

Why don't I have snacks in the house? I go to the supermarket once a fortnight, and I fill the trolley until it can hold no more. The girls may buy something sometimes for a snack at the local shop for the family. But usually I don't carry cash in the house in my purse. I use eftpos. When we first came here not a lot of shops had eftpos which I thought was bad. My fruit and vege get delivered. I used to enjoy yoghurt every night without fail. My step children and older children didn't touch my yoghurt. These days everyone helps themselves to them and in one or two days $6 gone in very short time. The kids have Easiyo, half the price and they have lots of bowls full. I happen not to like it. We keep $8 bag of mixed nuts and dried fruit that comes in the fruit order and if very hungry before tea we eat some of those. However, once I was counting calories when I was a teenager and they use up a high proportion of daily intake of calories. However, they are very healthy so I don't mind. I think I bought them for calcium for my daughter originally?


Breakfast: Well, I had Weetbix, weetharts, sultanas & milk, tea.

Lunch: 5 slices of bread, name me mite on 4 , cheese, tea.

Afternoon tea: Two homemade jam doughnut muffins. Tea.

Tea/Dinner: Homemade Turkey burger, bun, lettuce, tomato, cranberry sauce.


Breakfast: Weetbix, weetharts, (is that how you spell them?) sultanas & milk, tea.

Lunch: Two bread rolls with cheese, tea.

Afternoon tea: white bread roll, Coles tomato & chilli tuna, cucumber, cream cheese, then the rest of the tuna

Tea: Spaghetti Bolognaise


Breakfast: Weetbix, weetharts, sultanas & milk, tea

Lunch: Canned Tongue, four slices of toast & tomato sauce

Afternoon tea: Two or three homemade pattycakes with orange icing, 1 stick of Kit Kat

Dinner: Fettucine with Italian sausages

Notes on the homecooking so far:

My son offered to make the turkey burgers as Dad was away and he is the cook. My daughter made the muffins, she is only 7 and I helped both of them with their cooking. My daughter did mention later she made a good guess with measuring the butter but they were very nice. I dare you to look at the picture on the link. I think they are good even though they are cake because they are not full of rubbish chemicals and some of those bought snacks don't fill me up at all. I made the bolognaise sauce and the snack salad roll. The patty cakes were made at my daughter's school, our middle daughter.


joolzmac said…
It's never too late to join the Throw Down!

I think perhaps you are eating too much bread though. Try having a salad and cutting out some of those slices.

I am trying not to purchase anything processed eg. muesli bars, chips. I think canned good are fine, especially if you cannot get the fresh version. I do think in future I will keep a bag of sweetcorn kernels in the freezer - they would be better than canned. I am not buying cheese wrapped in individual slices anymore - a bag of grated, reduced fat cheddar is better when eaten in moderation.

I have enjoyed bananas, mandarins and pink lady apples lately.

Cheers - Joolz

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