30 Throw Down & Give Me Five Monday


Breakfast: Weetbix, Weatharts, sultanas, milk, tea
Lunch: Toast with cheese, red pesto, onions
Afternoon tea: two pattycakes
Tea: Sausage Casserole

30 Day Junk Food Throw Down blog.

Give Me Five of your favorite drinks.

1. Tea
2. Cordial (it is non alcoholic, not many brands around these days and they usually have 211)
3. Ribena, hot or cold (doesn't contain 211)
4. Lift (I don't drink it now as it contains 211)
5. Orange juice, but the kids drink it and I usually don't have any, you have to be quick


Dawn said…
Is 211 a preservative? I've never heard of it before.
Linda said…
I have an intolerance for it sometimes.
Linda said…
It is interesting. When my older kids were little I bought a preservative free cordial, that I can't find now in Coles or Safeway, I forget which one I checked. This is interesting though.


I was around Benzine when I was a child, not sure if that caused me to be more sensitive to it. I think it is the preservative that causes swelling in my knees and to wake with mild nightmares and other things in a group.
Linda said…
There is a reference to my symptoms on this page.

Marice said…
im checkin on 211 as well.. :)

mine is up too
BeccA's Buzz said…
When I chose '5 fave drinks' for the topic this week, little did I know I would learn something! Good info on 211 here, I had never heard about it before. Thanks for playing!!! Perhaps you can order some from the internet and get to enjoy it again :)

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