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Gathering At the Well

Today we had to take our daughter to the doctors, an on-going problem that I thought may have needed some kind of minor surgery today. We took our seven year daughter along too, as her brother is old enough to care for her as he is an adult, but we thought we would take her along. My husband is on holidays, and I thought I would help with whatever they decided.

Having a younger child along was different to the time before when it was just my twelve year old daughter and I. I asked her to go to the toilet before we left, she asked if the doctors had a toilet, and yes, she ended up using the doctor's toilet, I think just to see what it was like.

The waiting room included two elderly couples, and a daughter of one of them. The older man was making jokes. Then he asked his daughter jokingly if she would hold his hand. She said he could hold my hand, and I got all embarassed, and worried too actually. Then the doctor was a little stern with me. Not something I am used to.

So when we got home it was a nice surprise when my husband pointed out our lizard that we had found in our garden a year or two ago in spring like it is now was on the edge of the road. He went down a drain. It was nice seeing it again. It is a blue-tongued lizard. You don't see them everyday in Australia, unless you live in a place like we do.

Then my husband decided as the kids are going bike riding on the weekend to go to the tip, or dump for a brake cable. We are allowed to do that here. He took our son, and after awhile after they came back, they also went to the library, I realised they had found some treasure there at the tip.

They also came back with a nice cookbook, so I cheered myself up with that.

The treasure I saw first I think was this retro bike, much like the one I had in the 70s before we left the farm. I used to ride it all around the countryside, well within a few miles. This bike is an amazing shade of light blue, my daughter loves it.

But the real finds were:

Nintendo 64
super nintendo controller
nes controller
sega megadrive controller
2 x controllers for game cube
game cube
game mario cart double dash
and wires connecting tvs

We are working our way through them, cleaning and seeing if they will work. Most all things we find at our tip are perfectly fine.

I wrote about this as it is similar to what happened at Hebron's Hills: Of Boys and Horses. I had just read the post before it happened to us.

The kids here are on holidays and don't have their pay TV at the moment. They also did some baking today.


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