Back to Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting

  • Keeping my eye on the Italian cabbage that we didn't get to eat, it is only one plant and didn't come to much. It cost around $4-5. However it has a nice flower on it that we are going to let seed in the rose garden where it is planted.

Planning for The Future

  • The ground in the North East goes rock hard in September. Luckily is has been raining. So I think we will keep digging tomorrow to save ourselves trouble later on.

Working for the Future

  • There was a pumpkin that had been cut, the blackness on it very quickly accelerating. I had a meal planned for last week for either pumpkin or kumara, and didn't have enough ingredients as the fruit order hadn't arrived yet. My husband made the pumpkin dish and used it up with a little bit of kumara to make up the weight. It was a nice combination.

Building Community

  • My daughter made herself a hat from green material left over from her brother's Leafeon costume. It was material from Spotlight, that my husband generously bought to make sure he had what he needed. I think it is polar fleece. She copied a Christmas hat and cut it out on the lounge floor, got the machine out and had it made in time for bedtime. She is making it to take part in a night for Youth Group.

Learn a new Skill

  • My other daughter has a project for school about cupcakes. She has to research a cupcake that she has thought up herself. I bought fresh strawberries this week because they are cheap and I know the girls like them. On Thursday she made her cupcakes with the recipe she remembered for the basic cupcake (it really tasted like a classic patty cake) with added strawberries. I found a recipe Strawberry Cupcakes like the one she made later that suggested that the icing for carrot cake works well on them, with cream cheese. My daughter didn't think so, which is why she is the cake designer. Myself I think it would be lovely, as the strawberries do add a texture and color to the cake mix, more wholesome somehow. Yes, from the link, they are brownish, even though mixed and baked straightaway. My daughter's picture is pretty. Her little sister loves icing, she says her older sister something or other, possibly the fact that her older sister is doing a Certificate II? in hospitality has offered her little seven year old sister a tip or two. They can certainly whip up a good icing. They think they have the whole set of flavourings at the shops. I wonder if this is the case. We got two the other day when we went to the regional centre to the dentist. I think it was cherry brandy & coffee.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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