Back to Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting
  • my husband and middle daughter wired the hanging baskets so there were lower so they could see if they need water and water them easily, and check on the strawberries progress

Planning for The Future
  • I actually found an idea that would save us painting the whole dining room in our new house.  Again it is from an old Freedom catalogue.  It is kind of a spicy combination, Asian looking.  The existing wall is yellow, so the painted over wall is going to be red.  I have wanted an excuse to use a red like that.  
  • I think I finally have a plan for who is going to take our daughter to the airport (5 1/2 hours) if they stay overnight, and who is going to pick her up etc.  Now I can book a motel/caravan park cabin. 
  • my husband was talking to a person who said the water table is high at our new house, and possibly one day we could use it to water our vegetables, it just confirmed our idea that we thought there may have been a windmill there at one time.

Working for the Future
  • last weekend husband made a board for the fold up bed.  I had put my knee through a part of it, I was trying to look out the window, it was getting slowly bigger.  He made a board to go across the top part.
  • my husband went through my magazine pile I haven't managed to completely go through, and he threw out one box just paper.

Building Community
  • We have one t-shirt earmarked for the op-shop.  
  • While walking to the shop to get an icecream on Friday night we saw people I wouldn't normally see, because I guess I am not usually walking around at that time, so I got to know them slightly better, put a face to a name and things like that.

Learn a new Skill
  • Last weekend while travelling on a road that was actually also inside a farm, my husband gave me some more 4x4 tips.  Pictures of track for illustration.
This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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