Currently Me September 17

I am going to follow a blog post I found at Homemaking Cottage. The original is very nice, go check it out.

Two Tulips

Current Book
Just finished Hidden by Shelley Shepard Gray, can't wait to read the next two in the series

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure
It would have been chocolate, I put down on my order one as a payment for jobs, and forgot to order mine!

Current Drink
Always tea

Current Favorite Blog
Joolz pictures of food!  Mandy's happenings

Current Songs
Anything with Sandy Shaw, retro stuff, Mary Hopkin, Joni Mitchell, although maybe that wore off already

Current Wish-List
For my internet speed to come back up, my daughter downloaded a movie

Current Needs
To book a trip to the city, the two smallest girls I think can't remember Melbourne much

Current Triumph
My son finished his last English SAC, maybe that is a bad thing, fingers crossed he did OK

Current Celebrity Crush
The guy on Love Takes Wing, but his next movie undid the good work

Current Indulgence

Current Outfit
Same old, same old

Current Banes of My Existence
Spending the last 3-4 hours just getting nightly jobs done and getting the kids to bed, I didn't do much, but people just kept popping up everywhere

Trying to work out which house to sell

Current Excitement
The six tulips in our front yard

Current Mood
I'm thinking a lot has happened since the weekend


scrappy quilter said…
Didn't you just love that book Hidden. I'm hoping she writes a whole lot more. Forgiven is book #3.
scrappy quilter said…
No. 2 in the series is Wanted. Hugs..

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