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This meme comes from a great blog based in Singapore.  When I visited it today I noticed the word Selamat right at the start.  I am very familiar with that word as my daughter is learning Indonesian.  My daughter will be in an Indonesian school in a few weeks.  I'm sure it will alter her outlook on life.  She has lived in this area since Grade 4.  She does remember where we used to live before, but I still think she will see new things while she is at the school.  She won't mind seeing the Muslin ladies I don't think as there were lots and lots of them as guests at our son's graduation ceremony in August.  She is also familiar with Asian packaged foods. 

 Last Sunday

Two weeks ago on the host blog the question was asked: 
“What do you see in life?”
"Many people say life here in Singapore is very boring…Yes, it is true in certain points, there are not many changes in daily life, there are no four seasons, every day is hot summer day…working, from house to office, form office to house…The only enjoyable thing in Singapore is eating, there are most of the bloggers from Singapore write about food, sitting in front of TV, you turn around the channels, there are all talking about food too…LOL.
Are there something interesting in life? I am searching around… I am lucky enough. I enjoy my life here, in reading many of blogs from al over the world,  and I get to know many interesting stories here…"

That brought me to the picture above.  It is what I saw in life last Sunday.  There are distinct seasons here, this one is mostly a spring view.  In summer some days we have the hottest temperature in the State.  Is it boring?  By the way, my husband has been to Singapore, we appreciate the street plantings, the coins, the English parts.

I suppose no, things like plovers feet sticking up on my bonnet of the car isn't boring, or watching kites, eagles and hawks, who apparently like the particular spot I see them in because of the updrafts.

Each fortnight I know before I go on my food shopping expedition that I will see or experience something different than the time before.  The last time I went was a week and a half ago.  That time I saw the river nearly in flood I think. 

A lot happens at home too, but basically yes, I am not doing much myself a lot of the time.  I think things conspire to make it that way.  But more and more I get to do the odd thing that I haven't done for awhile.

Life here today my husband and I aren't watching TV.  He was listening to the football on the radio.  It is half time at the moment.  Will Collingwood win?   

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