OK It's not Wednesday

But I couldn't wait for Saturday 9 to roll around. I remember reading about this meme, I wonder what happened? Be warned I don't consider myself to be sarcastic, but I don't think I am being honest with myself. I think I have been accused of it this week, even then couldn't get it, too dumb perhaps? Mummy brain?

1. Do you talk to yourself and what about? Do you answer back?
No. But have done it maybe three times, and decided not to do it again. I think it was after my youngest went to school lol.

2. Have you ever made up your own language?

3. It's confession time. Dig in to your closet of shame and tell us one totally insane thing you have ever done in your life.
My Mum used to call my ideas hairbrained. They weren't, just the perfect childhood things, but probably not practical. I look back on my teenage years and wish I was more normal. Like not ever drive fast over a railway track, and other dangerous things.

4. So what is that one annoying thing in life that just drives you to that insanity level and why?
I don't admit to those things. How would I know if I was going insane?

5. You see a guy stripping butt naked and starts running around the street…what do you do?
I'm not sure I would be impressed. There was something in last week's local paper about an Israeli 20 minutes down the road along the river (somewhere we drive past often) with a clothed friend, who said he was influenced by mushrooms.

6. Have you every had anyone tell you “you’re crazy?” what made them say that.
Not that I remember.

7. What would your Life Motto be?
Not high on my list of priorities.

8. Finish this sentence ever time a bell rings…
No idea.

9. If you had a phobia what would it be and why?
What do I have to choose from?

10. When you go to starbucks do you swear they put crack in it just to get you to come back and pay 4.50 for it? If you don’t go is it because you might just get addicted?
Are there Starbucks still in Australia? I was so tired after driving to the regional centre on Thursday, the worst so far. We woke up an hour earlier because our water was being turned off. Daughter was taking too many random pictures on a difficult road. Anyway, I got phonecall from husband and said I may go to Gloria Jeans, he said I was going a bit overboard. Anyway, I found hanging around Gloria Jean's in the middle of the mall "crossroad" woke me up. Yes, the longer I stood there, (went past and came back) the better I felt. The coffee smelt really good. I was too tired to think of shopping.

11. Do you believe you have a pet that can tell you what they want? Like open the door, feed them or pet them. Is this crazy?
Yes I do. I think most animals are like that. I blame it on being brought up on a farm, and having conscientious parents who liked to see the animals fed well etc., or whatever

12. What part of cell phones drive you crazy?
Not being able to read the numbers easily.

13. If you could have a psychotic break and at most have to spend 3 months in the mental ward what would you do?
I wouldn't!

WTH Wednesday Meme.


LivingDeadNurse said…
not impressed with the naked man? lol me neither...thanks for playing

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