Six Word Saturday

Hearing Wizards of Waverly Place yuk


Sometimes we hear things
not worth hearing—perfect time
to be on our way.

My Six Words
Bridgette said…
Too funny! Happy 6WS!!!
Not sure what this means but it is music you don't like?

It's good to let out frustrations anyways!

Right now, all I wish to hear is some silence, maybe waves on the shore at Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula. It's school holiday time and I am so exhausted!

But the warmth of Spring is near!
quilly said…
I've not seen the show, but it does sound a bit insipid.
Dr.John said…
This one I do not understand
Betty said…
Not sure what you´re referring to, but sounds interesting....
Must be bad!

Happy SWS!
Call Me Cate said…
Thinking silence is golden - and preferable. :)

Thanks for playing 6WS!
Gretta said…
I hear girls just watched High School Musical 3 for the 1,394,133 time! (haha) I actually like watching Wizards of Waverly Place with them though!
Kimmy said…
LOL!!! I hear that all the time!!

Happy SWS!!
mellisarock said…
What is that? I love your background!! The colors are so calming and pretty!

Happy 6WS!!
Becca said…
Thankfully that is one show my little sister never got into! :)
☼¨`*•.BIG YUK.•*¨`☼

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