Skywatch Friday

This is the sky above the Hume Freeway on August 31. My husband and our eldest daughter were travelling the freeway to Melbourne from Wodonga, a stretch of about four hours. Wodonga is on the border of the next State, so that is it, four hours from one end of Victoria to the other. The road continues from Wodonga to Sydney the largest capital city in Australia after Melbourne, going in the opposite direction of course. This particular part of the freeway is between Wodonga and Glenrowan, or the first hour. You can see what looks like the drained Lake Mokoan. Lake Mokoan started life as a Winton Swamp.


Sylvia K said…
Marvelous, moody skies and terrific shots! Thanks for sharing!

Have a great weekend!

Barb said…
Mountain, lake, trees, winding roads and an ever-changing sky. Looks as though you weren't bored on your journey.
Linda said…
That part takes in our hometown or the bypass of it and it has a McDonalds so I am always interested in what is going on. Going the other way it has a sweeping view for about 30 miles and includes our hometown's old things jutting up into the sky like like old railway things, towers etc.
Greats kies in your place. What a beautiful place.
Danton said…
You very well covered a wide swath of sky in your place. And they are beautiful and interesting. Have a good weekend.

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