Skywatch Friday

One of these photos show the bushfires from February 7? this year and the recovery of seven months. They are more of the trip to Melbourne my husband and daughter did on the last day of August. We will be going there two more times to put her on and off a plane overseas. No doubt the season would have moved on a bit. The photos were taken along the Hume Freeway near Kilmore. The photos are less dark when enlarged, and include a koala sign.


Catherine said…
These are lovely photos Linda and they give hope for the renewal of the land that was so devastated in the fires earlier this year. I am watching in awe the scenes in Sydney with the red duststorm - we don't get extreme weather at all in Europe by comparison to your weather in Australia. Hope you are well, entering your summer as we look to autumn and winter!
J Bar said…
They're all great shots.
Johnstons Creek]]
Sylvia K said…
Marvelous shots, Linda! Like so many others I have watched in awe the scenes from Sydney and the dust storm! Amazing, scary! Enjoy your summer!


Danton said…
These are interesting and lovely shots.

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