Ten On Tuesday

10 Things You Need To Plan For

Ten things I am in the middle of planning right now.

1. Working out how to get my daughter's foot better, planning activities around times medicine needs to be taken, making sure she takes it easy, reviewing things

2. What I want to buy in my groceries and how much money to spend on the kids needs since they are on holiday and can travel with me to get them

3. My son's places to stay next year as we don't know which university place he will get

4. My daughter's trip to Malaysia, today we are washing clothes, have to make sure we get the remaining items done in time, like photocopying her travel documents

5. Our new house, planning out which day to go there and do work, reading letters about some damage that was done to our property

6. The middle kids, three of them, holiday on the weekend, clothes, hopefully we have finished fixing bikes

7. When to put wood on the fire so we don't get too hot.

8. A ticket for our son to visit us at Christmas as he may be living in his brother's household after his exams in November

9. What Year 12 subject our daughter can do in Year 11 so she has six subjects to use as marks for her ENTER score.

10. A motel room for the day we pick our daughter up from the airport.


You have a very busy to do list.
Joyce said…
Linda, you have so much going on! My 17 year old daughter wishes she could go to Malaysia, too. That sounds so exciting!
Anonymous said…
Hi There!! I got the new blog up and going...two actually, so come on over when you get a chance..you sound mughty busy!
Are you having any problems with the dust storms we are seeing Australia have on the world news?
Linda said…
Hi Mrs. Bee! Thanks so much for dropping by. Will be by soon.

Yes, I just noticed some red dirt on my front steps.

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