Ten Things I "Hate" About Travelling

My husband and daughter travelled on Monday and Tuesday. They drove 5 1/2 hours to be in our State's capital. There is not much further you can travel in our State. They were at the Victorian School of Languages. Today everyone was thanked for their travel. Another group travelled the same distance as my husband and daughter did but by plane. I have been thinking that the costs would be similar as I paid nearly AU$200 for a two room place. Next time she has to go on the weekend, and there are no convenient flights, but it is a thought for some time in the future. Of course our regional airport is still 1 1/2 hour away. In Australia, though maybe a lot of people do it now, it is not common as far as I know for people to fly instead of drive. But maybe that is an old-fashioned idea of mine.

1. Coming down with a cold or the flu and not being completely well before leaving home
2. Cramped shower and/or bathroom/toilet in motel whatever (bathroom is not a toilet in Australia)
3. No soap in the public toilets
4. Slippery public toilet floors
5. Loud engine noise on flights (do earplugs work?) (I had this problem once on a regional flight)
6. Having coins for airport parking and if you have a van getting it to work (son's trip)
7. Other people's jet lag (husband's trips)
8. Getting thirsty or overdressing (we live in the mountains)
9. Someone wanting to change my music
10. Someone talking nonsensically while entering a roundabout


cewmont said…
I like your list. My sisters and my brother live about 10 hours from me. Whenever we visit each other, we usually drive.

Thanks for the information on how to put the Ten On Tuesday picture into my posts.
Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,

It seems to me that traveling depresses my immune system. I usually get sick after a long time away from home.

I am sick now, after the lovely time spent in California with Rick's dad and mom. My dear children are picking up the slack so I can rest. Kayla made homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight.
Linda said…
I am sorry to hear that Joyce. Years ago and it probably still stands I found the drafts from the places I travelled to gave me a cold. Once I travelled to have surgery and had to explain my raised temp. to the anesthesiologist.

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