Weekend Memoirs

Our Weekend Memoirs

Last Sunday my husband and daughter began their trip to Melbourne to a briefing about her upcoming overseas trip. They had a bit of time left over so went to the Fawkner Memorial Park. Melbourne is 5 1/2 hours from here. There were a class of other kids attending, some of the other parents got up early for a 4 1/2 hour drive, another family flew down.

I have family members in the Old Pioneers Section which is pretty special. Since we live further from Melbourne, it was a nice opportunity to show our daughter. I will have some more photos of the cemetary to show tonight (for some reason I thought Camera Critters was on Wednesday). The first photo has a lyrebird's tailfeathers featured. I am not sure which section these photos were from.

I think I did pretty well with managing on my own for the days my husband was away. He had just come home from another trip to Canberra with our son. My windcheater that got wet wood dust on it didn't fare too well, after washing it is still stained.

Our heater fan has been fine after my husband fixed it though he left one part off the heater, I hope he puts it back on soon. Today I found out that I have much more meat in the freezer than I knew I had, so I will start off the fortnight with two extra lots of meat. I find it hard sometimes to get enough, so if there is not a lot in my usual shop it won't matter this time.

The present I got from The Hub Asian foodstore in Belconnen was Nestea. My daughter made up a strong batch and put it in the fridge I believe. I wasn't that keen to taste it, but they gave me some cold Nestea yesterday afternoon and it was very nice. I found a recipe site for it too.

We got our tax done this week. We have been struggling with so many things. I woke up yesterday feeling postive about getting on top of things, at least for a little while lol. We get a refund, mostly to reimburse us for our internet costs as part of the education refund.

I like how these photos match my current template. I apologise if there are any Christians who are offended by my fairies. They could be ballerinas. I can't quite work out how offensive it is given how much sleep I had last night. Just know I used to go "psycho" at least in my mind when my Mum used to take my daughter to the fairy shop. A couple of children later and I am dealing with Facebook. Sigh.


Bonnie Bonsai said…
Take it easy Linda. I have too many blogs though i really don't work on them all at once. i have facebook too but i prefer the blog. it's more private and more convenient for me.

Your cemetery has its own character and the one with the coffin on top is quite classic. Unique!

Looks like the mommy got her hands full on. And by the mention of the food makes me hungry. Yummmy!
Linda said…
My husband says the stonework was done in 1840s, and the hand was holding a scroll.

I loved your observations.
AL said…
Hi Linda,

Hmm, the hand looks so intriguing, what was it trying to open? The cemetery looks very old, is it still operating at present? Nice stonecrafts.

Linda said…
I believe the stones were moved from another location to the modern day cemetery.
Julie said…
Hi Linda, Fascinating monuments. I love history, even better when its about your own family.
Thanks for all your lovely comment on my blog.....you had a big read! Soory I couldn't reply as you are on "no reply". Julie :0)
Linda said…
I'll try ticking the box, in comments, or did you mean something else? I have been wanting to read everything there, wonderful blog.
Ebie said…
Hi Linda, you got your hands full! The cemetery looks so ancient and it has a great character. I hope everything will work out for you on the heater, to keep your house warm. Thanks for your contribution to OWM, it is a pleasure having you.
Willa said…
those stone doesn't really look like a traditional cemetery, it look more like a regular park.
Happy Sunday!
Arlene said…
the place looks peaceful and nice to walk about to feel history. cemeteries in this side of the globe is very congested that one can't have a stroll in there anytime they want to.

yeah i observed your photos go along well with your theme and they are nice. there is the feel of vintage touch.

hope you arrived in Melbourne safe and sound.

mine is now up!
Linda said…
Thank you Ebie, it means a lot.

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