Weekend Memoirs

Our Weekend Memoirs

Last Sunday

We started the week with my daughter and I at the doctor's at lunchtime Monday morning.  She wasn't too keen when they suggested her foot may need cutting, so we decided to try very hard with the antibiotics this week, every 8 hours exactly, I have been driving her home part of the way from school.  She got to do the sports day that was already planned, but missed the next one, and stayed home on Friday, the last day of school.  I know the doctor said it would be OK, but everytime she was very active the infection seemed to grow.  She has been very well behaved in recent months, today the idleness probably started to get to her, and though not too bad, still she wasn't as good as she has been lately. 

We don't eat chicken for the express reason that we want antibiotics to work when we take them. 

We didn't get very far letting the fire go out in the wood heater, tried again on Saturday.  We have been letting the coals go pretty low before adding wood.

It has been exactly a year since we brought home our puppy.  He has finally settled into being a good dog, and still can be seen in the yard with his rope toy.  Haven't tested out if I can leave clothes on the line yet, but after we get a chain for this house, and since the weather is nice for drying he can stay on that for a couple of hours to start with.  I'm sure he would prefer I was outside with him, it is nice to pick in washing and have the company of a dog at the same time.

We saw a dog that looked so much like our puppy doing the same thing on TV, jumping at clothes.  The place where the dog lived was an hour or so from here, we wouldn't be surprised if they were from the same litter. 

Our daughter who the puppy belongs to was away when we got the puppy, she was at music camp.  She is a little sad that she didn't go this year.  Maybe it is still having a sore toe for weeks.  Hopefully she will end up having a nice holiday in the nice spring weather. 


I hope your daughter is better soon.. the picture you included is wonderful.

You live in a beautiful area/. That is one of the blessings of blogging.. visiting from a far!

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