What is the point?

I am posting this in case someone else has noticed this problem with their blog too.

The search this blog function seems to have changed since the comments upgrade on Blogger awhile ago. I have posts about blue-tongued lizards on my blog, and the search will only bring up the most recent ones.

If you go to searching on google and put in the url of my blog, in a special search my husband uses it brings up all these posts, admittedly some are for the word blue only. That means that the reason I am on blogger, is now not there. I may as well go back to homesteadblogger.

Has anyone else noticed this, and does it bother you?

I will have to pay more attention to my tags.


scrappy quilter said…
I haven't noticed. I'll have to check and see if the same thing is happening at my blog. I'm having a horrible time trying to post comments. Always something not quite working right. Hugs.
Linda said…
I've worked out that the search option on my sidebar, though not as good as the top one used to be, it will do for finding the links to my recipes. Phew.

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