The ABC's of Meme

I started this meme yesterday, and didn't quite get it finished.

A- Advocate for:

B- Best Feature:
don't know, this week I'll try my ankles

C- Could do without:
VCE exams etc. (Year 12)

D- Dreams and desires:
P&Q (peace & quiet)

E- Essential items:
Tea, runners

F- Favorite past time:

G- Good at:

H- Have never tried:
driving a truck

I- If I had a million dollars:
In Australia that is one good house, and one good car, nothing extravagant, for the first half million. I suppose it would enable me to move if I wanted to if my husband could get a job. Half of the remainder for retirement & clothes.

J- Junkie for:
Whatever the library gives me

K- Kindred spirit:
my husband? At least he can put up with my spirit ha ha

L- Little known fact:
I can sleep on the edge of the bed without falling off, something I thought I would never do

M- Memorable moment:
Nothing stands out, they are all faded which is a good thing I think

N- Never again will I:
I would be hard to tell, you never know, I suppose you can't have your tonsils out twice!

O- Occasional indulgence:

P- Profession:

Q- Quote:
"You'll grow into it Titch" and other kids tv quotes

R- Reason to smile:
Our dog being nice and we got to hang washing on the line today

S- Sorry about:
What comes to mind is the Prime Ministers speech. I am working through my sorry's and nothing has stuck yet

T- Things you are worrying about right now:
being patient, it feels like winter here, then bang it will be Christmas (Christmas is summer)

U- Uninterested in:
School notices, too too many have gone past my eyes

V- Very scared of:
Every Australian perhaps thinks summer atm

W- Worst habits:
My just do it attititude?

Y- Yummiest dessert:
Stewed apples, weatharts & runny cream

X- X marks my ideal vacation spot:
somewhere with a nice garden

Z- Zodiac sign:
I like being a Scorpio, but I don't read my stars


Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
I guess you know that I have mainly been hanging out at Facebook, but I do intend to do a post tomorrow!

I enjoyed this post of yours. I like that your dreams and desires are for peace and quiet! Also, how nice about the kindred spirit.

What is runny cream, I wonder? Is it cream that isn't yet whipped up?
Linda said…
Yes. And the organic cream is runnier than the thickened cream, that is the one I like the most. Not available here now though unless I get a cow.
Anonymous said…
It's sprin over in Australia now am I right? I wish it was warm again here. I don't do cold very well.
I like you answer for best feature. That made me giggle.
Linda said…
I hope your winter goes well Mejis. Yes, it is spring here.
Gae said…
This was so interesting to read.
I am interested to know whre you might be inVictoria as we are going to move there, when we sell our house.
It is so cool to run across another Aussie blog.
God Bless

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