Back To Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting

  • We have done some weeding, and used the heavy winter grass to reuse as mulch around the standard roses.
  • Fine tuned out mint, took out pieces that weren't where they were supposed to me, mulched the chives. It is exciting they have flowers coming.

Planning for The Future

  • I found out on the Taubmans site that rooms in all different colours is a new trend. That means I won't have to paint out some rooms in our newer house. It was a concern to me.

Working for the Future

  • I was at a shop buying clothes for my daughter and had a look at the second hand goods there. I found a fly screen door. We went to our new house to mow lawns and my husband measured up our three outside doors. Ideally we would buy security doors. But for $15 we now have an old-fashioned 1920s? styled door with cute door handle. We have a 60s duck styled fly screen and we can use the door closer and hinges from that. It is the better door as far as the wood surround goes though. It was cheap because it is twisted but with a bit more work it will do the job. Anything to keep the doors closed and hopefully the snakes out. The wood goes halfway up the door, country board style then flyscreen, so it keeps out heat too. I have one similar in our main house and having the bottom half dark does help in summer time.

  • We continued on with collecting firewood. Any we don't use can be used for a cold snap or for a start next year.
  • We found that we still have some papyrus that came back up in the backyard. We need to put it in the pond to make the water healthy. We have one plant but need more. We brought home a pot and two rocks and are going to plant it up and take it back to the pond asap. It may not be good for snakes, but great for algae control. I saw it on a great site.
Building Community

  • I joined Facebook.

Learn a new Skill

  • I learnt how to pay someone by Paypal. If they have an account and you know their email, you can give them money.
  • My husband bought one of those 60s biscuit piping tubes. We are making genuine 60s chocolate biscuits, well the girls are. My little girl said they didn't say how much vanilla, I said put 6 drops into the lid and then pour it in. That is what I was taught, though six drops may be too much.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Linda, I would love to see a photo of your screen door?

Gill in Canada

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