Back To Basics

Sowing seed or Planting

  • We pruned the dead parts of the raspberries. Put some more dirt in the vegetable patch.
  • Found that some gifted silverbeet plants planted in the rose garden (vegetable patch is at the new house) worked well on one side of the garden, virtually didn't grow on the other side. Not very big, but we can harvest them now.
  • Replanted the strawberry hanging baskets, the girls will know now that hanging baskets need daily watering.

Planning for The Future

  • I don't think I will plan any meals with veal sausages or veal mince again, I don't think I have the palate for it, except maybe veal campagnola, which is a schnitzel.

Working for the Future

  • Weeding, so we don't get a letter from the CFA, though we didn't get much done.
  • Planting trees that needed moving, and found a rock pile with tin over it. It turns out to be a drainage pit near where we wanted to make one. It is very well made, now to join our drain to it. It was really like a miracle, saves lots of worry.
  • We found some wire from a car we found in the ground. Special wire that doesn't rust. It is soft, we think because it was heated in a fire, perhaps when they burnt their rubbish. An alloy of steel perhaps. Used to rewire the mesh on the join and fix up the supports. We took advantage of no water restrictions to clean and refill the pond. The pond refills with rain. My daughter bought a cheap tank at Coles and the algae control and water conditioner were enough to put into the pond.
  • Reused the barley straw, couldn't find the original bag so used an onion bag. Now I need to find out if I have enough straw, basically read the link article more thoroughly.

Building Community

  • My daughter went to a birthday party yesterday. It is nice to see people at an event not related to after school activities or just up the street, or at school.

Learn a new Skill

  • I think reacquainting myself with airport procedures. Our daughter had all the right sized stuff and the right plastic bags etc. she needed to get on her international flight. My husband did alot of it, I researched some things. I remembered the parking ticket machine after going on the Melbourne Airport site.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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