I have decided to challenge myself to enter both my blogs into the BLOGTOBERFEST. See button on my sidebar. Today is Rocktober if you want to follow on with the suggestions, you know in case you run out of ideas of what to write about.

Yesterday I watched my first Spicks & Specks, on Austar somewhere. It is slightly rude, but hey, I have watched Blankety Blanks in the 70s, and the episode I watched yesterday was about that, and included Noelle?, Molly Meldrum and others. It was fun, something different. It is nice for someone my age to think about the 70s, sort of reshuffles the memories. Might make you remember something you had forgotten about.


Shary Bobbins said…
Hey Linda!
Congrats on watching your first episode of Spicks and Specks, it's such a funny show its very easy to get addicted to.
It's also nice to know i'm not the only one watching Martha Stewart, but don't you think she can be a bit scary sometimes? It's still fun to watch all the crafty and food stuff though!
x Lauren

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