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I've forgotten where I was going to start, they say to write first and set it up later, that is a good idea.

Today I found that my blog's search function is back to normal as far as I can tell. It wasn't pulling up things like meals I make or plan with particular ingredients, that I find really useful. The writing at the top of the blog is different, so I figure Blogger has stopped working on it, and all is well. That is great because it was affecting one of the joys I get out of my blog, a use in everyday life.

I haven't gotten any more involved in Facebook. I find from one end it is similar to blogging. I will be so glad tomorrow when my speed is back up. Not sure if we will be better with it next month or not. With three computers liked up to it now it makes it harder. My blog is faster to load now I took out my bundles I featured on the page. If you are on reader and search for things you will find if any of your friends have made a bundle.

Readingwise I am bored. I have a book by Janette Oke that I can't get into, and that is all the library has brought for me this week. I am finding perhaps that the Christian fiction part of my library I may have gone over everything already, I hope a time doesn't come where I can find nothing to read.

I was going to buy a new CD of Josh Turner. I have one album, and very hard to buy one. I was going to look in a CD shop that is not a chain, a local chain actually, but I had spend so much money I couldn't justify it (there were sales on the shoes and I had a $100 gift voucher). I have the album Everything is Fine, and I was saying to my husband I don't find all the tracks easy to listen to with children in the car. So we hope to get another one and merge the two. I was listening to the lyrics to the Trailerhood just before my meme on Rednecks the other day. It will probably be one of the songs left off. I'm thinking I may like Your Man because I like the first song. The lady at the shop asked me which one I may like and I didn't really know. I can't research it much at this internet speed.

That one album though, I have been listening to for hours and it still isn't stale. The music is very nice, even if I skip the odd one or two. My favourite is the sailor one (The Longer The Waiting?) in some ways, in a recent post I mentioned my brief sign up in the Navy, pending a medical thing. Yes, I had a friend or two in the Navy and went to one Navy party, many years ago.

Everything looked nice on the day we went shopping. We were out from 10 ish to around 5.30. I got in a trip to Medicare. I rang my husband at lunchtime to ask where it was. He said 500 and something, then I promptly forgot. I haven't had to go to Medicare more than once since I have lived here. I went to a chemist one once with my eldest, to ask something then I passed the information on to him. Anyway, I have my second son signed up for a card so if he goes to live somewhere outside our home soon either when he goes to uni or before, he has something. I don't have to go to Medicare because there is bulk billing here, and no office for 1 1/2 hours. They gave me a form for a work around if I do have to use doctors far from home that don't bulk bill. Most doctors in the North East apart from ours bulk bill that I know of, I should qualify that, our hometown didn't.

Anyway, our town on the way home looked stunning. There are the odd wildflowers out at the moment. Has anyone seem some? There is a yellow one in the grass that is nice. One paddock has them all over it like Cape Weed, but it is a wildflower. One would assume that is because they don't use fertiliser or spray, maybe haven't plowed or sown it down?

I wasn't that positive about the trip this morning. Sure it was nice at the time, but the next morning, I always seem not too impressed. They are big days out. I feel that they are risks that I wish weren't necessary. I loved my hometown, except for wanting to go to Captain Snooze to buy a bed, we pretty much only had to go around town. But, that is getting a long time ago now.

There is still snow around, and they are letting a large amount of water down the Murray after the Hume.

I don't know what we did to our roses here, but they look much stronger and happier. The normal roses are not out yet.

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Gypsy Lala said…
Thank you for joining the "Life as I see it" meme, you have a nice blog. Lovely picture in the post and most important, you have a lovely mood. That is beautiful. Wish you have a lovely week.
Gypsy Lala

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