No, this isn't a gripe about recknecks. It is a meme, a very interesting one too, though I am not sure I am qualified to answer any questions about them. In Australia you have rednecks, yobbos, and bogans. The last one I had only heard of recently. To me rednecks and yobbos are different. But it is not a subject people talk about, or I haven't brought it up outside my own home, tried it out with my Mum recently and didn't get much response that she even knew what I was talking about or if she did she wasn't telling. I think my husband and son were the ones that introduced the terms to me anyway.

1. It is a common myth that anyone who lives in a trailer is a redneck. Do think this myth is true?

Apparently according to my husband our trailer parks are mostly in capital cities where people live in them permanently. My Aussie friends may be able to shed some light on that. We don't have many cities either really.

2. Have you ever been to a redneck wedding and if so describe it?
Again Aussie's is this like Muriel's Wedding the movie?

3. What makes a person a redneck?
Someone with very rigid rules about who they hang around with, you know all the things.

4. Do you know any rednecks or have any in the family? Just because your family tree branches doesn't mean you don't have a redneck or two in it. It makes it a bit difficult doesn't it to have an opinion of your own in a redneck family? Obvious bogans, maybe not.

5. Say you had to enter a Redneck Games competition. Which event do you think you'd win the gold medal in?
I suppose I have had a lot of practise with watermelon seeds. I grew up on a tobacco farm. Oops, does that make me a redneck automatically. Oh no!

6. Does a mullet make a man sexy or skanky?
I'd say I wouldn't like it.

7. Do you keep your Christmas lights on your front porch all year long?
I have just started this because others who seem quite old and straight have been doing it and I copied.

8. What do you think of when you hear the term muddin'?
Don't know. All I have heard about in Australia is stuff like Lee Kernaghan's Baptise the Ute.

9. Can duck tape really fix anything?
I only heard of this fairly recently, I thought it was a neat idea.

10. Know any redneck words?
Apparently in Australia Kylie Mole is a bogan or something. All I remember about her is her chewing gum.

11. Why is it that if aliens are looking for intelligent life they always seem to abduct the biggest rednecks?
I didn't know all those stories came from rednecks. However, even in our hometown, the stories like that were in the back blocks, yes with white poorish inhabitants.

12. Famous last words of a redneck: I don't know. Whatya doin tomorra

13. Finish this sentence: You might be a redneck if... you have a pig dog.

WTH Wednesday Meme headquarters. (Redneck picture warning.)


Ganeida said…
Completely random. What's a *bogan*? And for the record I thought all our caravan parks were at the holiday spots ~ Gold & Sunshine coasts, that sort of thing. And yes, people live there permanently. Some people live there permanently.
Ben and Cass said…
Hi, My name is Cass. I've been reading your blog for a while but never commented.

I thought Bogan was the Aussie equivalent to the USA Redneck. I have been to a bogan/redneck wedding (not my own wedding either lol) and yes it is very much like Muriel's wedding. The one we went to prob wasn't as good as Muriels tho, more like a big get together not a wedding. Only thing that made it look like a wedding was the wedding dress! Was very interesting. I had never witnessed such boganism (not sure if its a word) esecially at a wedding!

Cheers Cass

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