Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... Friday for my Saturday post

Outside my window... sunny day

I am thinking... about bills and think I have them straight

I am thankful for... happy children

I am wearing... too much now the day has warmed up, shed the windcheater

I am remembering... I should be remembering any things I need to do today

I am going... to the zoo turns out our son will be travelling the same direction at a similar time

I am reading... just finished Love in the Age of Drought by Fiona Higgins

I am hoping... my tiredness eases up, but I never concentrate on fixing it lol

On my mind... I'm happy, but it will get busy again soon

Noticing that... it is warmer today

From the kitchen... Macaroni Cheese with Prosciutto

Around the house... clothes drying

One of my favorite things... Snickers bars, haven't had one in years

From my picture journal... our tulips in flower now

From Peggy's blog.


Serendipity said…
Lovely tulips! I used to like Snicker bars too. Funny that I had not eaten one in years too.

Thanks for stopping by and the update on your daughter. Glad she's having a good time. Think one thing she'll find about the people here are they love to eat LOL. So most likely your daughter would be eating her way around here LOL.

That's so sweet and thoughtful of her to buy some nail polish for her sis!

Guess you can't wait for her to be home again.

Have a good weekend now.
Serendipity said…
Oh yes, forgot to answer about Happy. She's an australian silky terrier. You had an australian terrier before?
Linda said…
I think Silky Terrier is right it has been so long I had forgotten the exact name.
scrappy quilter said…
What a pretty picture. I like Snicker bars too!!
Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,

I haven't been visiting blogs much this past couple weeks, or blogging, but just wanted to make time to visit your blog tonight. So glad to read that your daughter is having a good time. In Malaysia, right? Will she be gone much longer?

See you around!

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