Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... Sunday

Outside my window... it is dark and a little chilly

I am thinking... about Facebook, and the things people have put on it today

I am thankful for... the tender graces of today, an echidna walking out to the edge of the road, same with a fox

I am wearing... my usual jeans, and a skivvy

I am remembering... nothing I don't think, perhaps I am winding down for the day

I am going... no where that I know of

I am reading... nothing, suggestions welcome

I am hoping... to get a new library book?

On my mind... still winding down

Noticing that... it is breezy, our irises are better than last year, and sorry I forgot to take a pic, still working on the door photo for Gill

From the kitchen... a lamb dish that was OK, but I think we thought we had capsicums and things and we didn't, they must have been popular with the kids this week

Around the house... my daughter's chef's uniform for her course at school

One of my favourite things... the fact that my fire is still on and it is not too hot

From my picture journal... can you tell which is fog and which is snow? My husband took this photo today. I don't think I have seen it like that before.

If you haven't visited Peggy yet, please do.


That is a beautiful view. You live in a pretty area.
Mama Bear

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