Skywatch Friday

Around Lake Hume on the 24th September. The weed is cape weed.


Cathy said…
Hello Linda
Theres a very stormy look in those clouds - look as though they'll drop right into the mountains lol
Take care
Guy D said…
I love those ominous clouds, excellent shots.

All the best
Regina In Pictures
Japa said…
Clouds are foretelling some heavy rain.
Julie said…
I do hope that some of those clouds bring rain in the near future. I know that Victoria is doing it real hard right now. Whereas I have just spent some time in Tassie and they are inundated with rain. The countryside down there looks absolutely stunning.

The way country Victoria used to look way back when ...
Linda said…
We are pretty lucky where we are, but I noticed it is not the same everywhere in Victoria.
joolzmac said…
We are having the same type of skies here too - dark and looming, dropping rain just when you've hung out the washing!

Have a nice weekend,

eileeninmd said…
Lovely shot of the green field and those stormy clouds. Thanks for sharing your skies.
Love the weighty drama of the sky over beautiful landscapes!

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