What's Hot + What's Not

I found this great Wednesday meme at Loobylu. If you haven't been to Loobylu before "Do Yourself a Favour" as Molly Meldrum would say. What's Hot + What's Not meme started here.


The Japanese garden at the Melbourne Zoo. Those clipped azaleas are kirins, my favourite. It is a great place to go for practical gardening ideas.


I'm afraid the weather leaves me cold, no pun intended. I am glad it is not hot in some ways, but still.


Tania said…
I'm determined to love this weather. Cos I know that next week it'll be 40 degrees and that definitely fits the 'not hot' category. If you get my drift.
Anonymous said…
The Zoo's landscaping and choice of plants has got really creative and practical. Definatley HOT.
Claire said…
Hope the sunny day today and the better weather again tomorrow is cheering you up a little! Thanks for playing along last week. Perhaps we'll see you again this week? xx claire
Linda said…
Hi Claire. What I noticed today was that when walking to the carport I didn't have to mind the piece of lawn that was wearing down because of the wet weather. It was amazing the difference.

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