30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 10 Tuesday

My blessings yesterday:
~ my daughter vaccumed out the car
~ we got our fruit and vegetable delivery
~ the smell and look of my roses, some of them are huge, a lovely year for roses
~ continuing blessing of listening to Josh Turner's South Carolina (why can I relate to it, I don't know but it is very soothing)

Yesterday's theme was color (remember I am a day ahead in Australia). That is fantastic because I am posting about the sun coming out tomorrow, and was thinking about the long fogs we have in the winter time. Usually I wait for Karla's post, but my post yesterday was full already. I am pretty sure during hard times I thought of this song. Back when we had a corporate workplace closing down in our hometown.

My roses are colourful and I remember how long our spring/winter seemed, then all of a sudden the sky turned bright. This is our first week of hotter weather. It is very pretty in Australia with the light and the plants until Christmas time. We have a red bottlebrush (callistemon) in flower over the road.

The theme for today at Karla's is Service. Click on the graphic to take you there!


Joyce said…
Hello, Linda,
That was a cute little video; I enjoy that song, too.

I can imagine how beautiful it must be there as the days are warming up. Here we have only a few brave leaves still clinging to the tree branches, and a cold rain most of the time, which is usual for late fall. Still, I enjoy this time of year, as it seems natural to be cozily occupied indoors with the family.

This "thankful" theme is quite nice. :)
scrappy quilter said…
Great list of thankfuls. I love color, it's was got me into quilting. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Crunchie's Mum said…
Our roses are beautiful this year as well. Each time I walk past I am compelled to "stop and smell the roses".


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