30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 11

Blessings on Day 11, Wednesday

~ having jobs for my son to apply for, casual jobs
~ relative peace

I am getting out of practise with listing my blessings, I'm sure I'm missing things that don't have to be in my day, but are, and that make a difference.

Yesterday's theme was Service, or rather Day 10, Tuesday.

Yesterday here was Remembrance Day which is rather fitting for Service. An airraid siren went off at the local Country Fire Authority at 11am. They actually use it here if there is a fire.

My husband told me some interesting facts about the last post that I didn't know about. It was for lights out at night, and meals? I didn't get a chance to talk about it much, but it was interesting.

About the time of the airraid siren I looked up my Grandma's uncle's record online. His brother also died at Gallipoli, Turkey. One was quite young, the other older. I did lots of reading yesterday. I read the list of people at Ft. Hood as at that time I think there was a remembrance for them as American was still in Tuesday I think.

I read The Age newspaper that is always in our house, but this time was left in my room so I picked it up.

I quite enjoyed the heat, but I wasn't outside in it, except to go pick up something the girls dropped while walking the dog. It is a place that turns into a dirt road with a nice aspect, it was nice to see it. The heat of course was not as hot as in South Australia.

Karla mentioned things that people can do in their Christian walk to serve people. I enjoyed the one, yielding in traffic, and also saying thank you. Here is part of her prayer:

"...Heavenly Father... thank You for all the people who serve the public
through their jobs. Sometimes we can take them for granted
and not even show them how much we appreciate their
service. Help us to be more mindful and appreciative Lord.
Remind us to smile at them and say "thank you."

Those two things I do pretty much. I was happy Karla mentioned them, because I don't think of myself as a serving person.

Yesterday I rang someone because really I thought I needed a boost. I thought just talking to them in general would help. Wrong. There are some that don't want to, it seems to fulfil that role. I worry sometimes that I do the same thing to my kids. My husband says I don't. That situation is more depressing than being picked on. The conversations don't get picked up on and everything falls flat. Even then I don't think I have conveyed what I mean about that type of conversation. It is not like refusing to talk, just some things are vetoed. I wonder how common this is?

So if you don't do this, you must be serving the people who call you sometimes.

I found a blog post, and gorgeous blog about God's Mercies being new each morning as I spoke about the other day. It is at fly through our window.

Telephone poles line a dirt road that extends to the horizon

Do you know that the only song (and I have been through a list of old Christian service hymns) that I can think of that relates to this post is a song called Royal Telephone. I thought everyone knew it. They may. I am not sure if I knew this at the time but it was written by an Australian Aboriginal named Jimmy Little. Aparently he sang Danny Boy and El Paso, I'm confused. My family had both those songs in the house, and El Paso I love.

Here is a bit of Australiana for you.

This blog carnival comes from Karla's blog, link above.


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