30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 13

~ my daughter has a pair of black zip up pants that may have come from the op-shop and a t-shirt that was given to her from the op-shop as well. Now they have come in handy for a pirate costume she needs

~ my son's laptop arrived and he was very happy

~ a local job for him to apply for

~ help with laptop bags from online friend

~ I found another outfit at the op-shop for my other daughter if she wants to wear it

~ safety

~ our own silverbeet in the garden that was quite a lot when we harvested it

~ an episode of Good Chef, Bad Chef with philo pastry in it, how appropriate, see below

~ my daughter came up close to a tortoise with green slimy shell while riding to the swimming hole

The theme for Day 13, Friday is Taste.

We made a spanakopita with our silverbeet. I ate the left over piece for lunch. Although we used tubed dill and it was a little unusual, I was very blessed. I was thankful that someone had made it for me. We used to have this dish a lot, and I think at the time I used to make it. I am thankful that our supermarket now stocks ricotta cheese.

We have been able to enjoy taste since we had our delivery of food from Hamper King. We only enjoy some of these things once a year. Some of it is plain, but we are getting another delivery soon. Today four people needed lunch at our new house, so they took an eski or cooler with a four pack of pies and they loved the brand that came in our hamper. Another took a little bag of fish fingers.


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