30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 15

The theme for Day 15 is church.

On Sunday I was watching Australian Idol. The two that will battle it out for the title are Stan and Hayley. They sang their winners albums. I liked Black Box by Stan.

Stan and Hayley had stories of their life. Stan told about his life before his family started going to church, and how a lady there and her story helped him so much. And how after Idol his family have moved forward. Church has made such a big difference to Stan's life as a boy who thought he was trapped in his life in his small town. The world has opened up so much for him. It was wonderful to hear.

I didn't realise the song was about a relationship with a girl, but I like the bit about survival, it suits Stan. I wonder what he would write for himself?

I am thankful for all the things Karla mentioned. Also for the church buildings I know. I am very thankful my daughter goes to church. She has been for three weeks and is sixteen. She gets ready and takes herself there. I am thankful on Sunday I got some new channels to watch on Austar, including a classic movie channel. I was dissappointed though that my girls will be subjected to more ads in between that they shouldn't watch.


Tamara said…
Thank-you for your comment on my blog today. To think someone in another continent could minister a kind word to a complete stranger - I am truly thankful for the ways that God provides such ease of opportunity to kindle relations and to minister to one another. May you be richly blessed and your beautiful family protected always.

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