30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 16, 17, 18

Blessings Day 16 Monday ~ my son got a job interview for casual work
~ nice greetings from a person up the street
~ I think it was the first day of the pool season
~ the newspaper said we may be eligible for a discounted satellite telephone

Blessings Day 17 Tuesday ~ my son's voice on the telephone
~ my husband being home again
~ a bargain of a doona like cover, pillow, pillow cases and good old-fashioned sheet for $20.50
~ the interview going well
~ my little girl knowing an author she likes to read, so important at her age transitioning to older books
~ the new classic movie channel on Austar, great for watching things like 101 Dalmations, the kids like that movie
~ a nice friendly teen came to visit

Blessings Day 18 Wednesday ~ the sound of cicadas in the garden
~ an unusual birthday cake made by my girls, very inventive
~ Facebook and birthdays, what an amazing combination
~ beautiful growth on the osmanthus birkwoodi now that they have matured
~ my son doing well looking after himself
~ lovely letters from universities being encouraging, and parcels I paid off during the year arriving
~ the benefits of my prior menu planning and doing work on my books, it helps
~ friendly staff at two banks
~ nice flowers and skies, and still more birds outside, this time a wattlebird I think

The theme for Day 16 is laughter (click on graphic at top to take you to Karla's post).
Day 17 ~ Stretching & Faith,
Day 18 ~ Humility.


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