30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 21

Things to be thankful for on Saturday:

~ rain (for washing away the pollen, making it easier to weed, and keeping temperatures down)
~ that my two grown boys got to go to the Agricultural Show and other fun stuff, and seeing Dr. Harry (a TV vet)
~ for things getting tidied up around the house
~ for a nice day
~ getting the shopping done, usually it is finished the main part on Thursday, I hope I have all we need for the rest of the fortnight
~ for our second car being fixed, all the niggly little problems on it are fixed and it makes it safe during the hotter weather, it is very unlikely to boil, not sure why the radiator was full of fluff though lol
~ the view of winter-like fog covering nearly all of the mountain

The theme for today is Hope. Please find it by clicking hope to take you to Karla's post.


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