30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 22 Sunday

I have nearly forgotten what I have to be thankful for today, after watching who won Australian Idol tonight. It was Stan Walker, who is praising God, and his New Zealand maori family celebrating in the background with their Kiwi chant, not sure what it is called.

It has been nice to get to know Michael Buble and Mika. I was hoping Mika would sing Big Girl You Are Beautiful. I haven't read the lyrics, but I like the song. Michael Buble is an Italian Canadian and Mika I assume English.

Do you remember last year when we started developing the second block at our newer house? It looks very green and lush today doesn't it? Although the photos my husband took of my flowers shows they have had a hot week. I have some nice daylilies out.

Thankful today for:

~ my garden
~ a great year watching Idol
~ I look forward to reading more of Michael Bubles biography
~ I look forward to seeing what kind of songs Stan puts out in the future
~ I also look forward to listening more to his current single
~ that my sons went to the Asian food store, one of their favourite places
~ lovely cool weather for resting
~ a lovely wombuk salad that you can find on Mandy's blog, it goes perfect with fish fingers

The theme today is The Holy Spirit. See Karla's post for details.


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