30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 24

Lots of Thanksgiving posts around today.

There is Give Me Five Reasons You Are Thankful This Year hosted at Becca's Buzz. My favourite at Joyce's Musings. Actually I haven't read the others, they are all my favourites.

And Peggy's Week of Thanksgiving Daybook here.

I am thankful today for:

~ my library
~ my son having new games to play, actually they are his brothers
~ a cosy home
~ an exciting thing to do at work for my husband to look forward to

I liked Joyce's thanksgiving for: "In this slow economic time, we have food to eat, money to pay our bills, and a cozy home." Thanks Joyce, that helps a lot.

Yesterday's theme was for Patience and More Prayer.

Karla has been recording for a radio station for Thanksgiving. You can visit her and even listen. Here is the link.


Happy Hermit said…
Ohhh , thank you Linda , I had not known that at all I looked it up (the song) and I understood. Thank you for helping me.
Linda said…
It is a bit hard to find The Building Block by Noel Stookey. I'm glad you found it. Does anyone else remember it? Happy Hermit was looking at a scripture that had similar words.
Joyce said…
I'm so glad that little post was encouraging to you, Linda.

I really enjoyed the "Count Your Blessings, Not Your Troubles" song,and the inspirational comment by Karla Dornacher. <3

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