30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 26 Thursday

What I was thankful for today:

~ a cool change in weather in the afternoon around 4pm
~ getting the lawn mowed
~ finding the clothes I had put away, and getting started on using them
~ another item ready for a special night next week
~ having a drink ready for a trip I am doing so I won't have to buy anything
~ kindness of our eldest buying something that will help us out, at until I can help pay for it
~ kindness of my daughter's friend to go with her to the pool as it was empty after the change, but the water was still warm
~ interesting new work for the new year for my husband at his work

30 Days of Thanksgiving comes from Karla's blog.


Pauline said…
Hello Linda

I found your blog when I was searching to find some information on fowlers vacola's jars!! Thanks so much for your help and how nice to meet another Aussie blogger!!! Your blog is great and I know I will be back to visit often!! Thanks again for the advice on the jars "O)

Blessings to you!

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