30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 29

Things to be thankful for on Sunday:

~ lots of dusting getting done, I was really pleased
~ some clothes sorting done, it all helps
~ putting up the Christmas tree in part at least
~ Chrisco delivery and everyone helping to get it sorted and the boxes put away etc.
~ watching Location, Location, Location on TV
~ nice cool weather for resting
~ having the fire lit (yes it is going to be a cold night) it sort of goes with the Christmas tree, not sure we have ever lit the fire while having a tree up, though it was cold in December a few years ago
~ still having firewood so we can light the fire if we want to
~ the girls doing some craft
~ my little girl sitting reading novels on the couch, I like that she is only 7, actually nearly 8

The theme for today is "my cat".


hip chick said…
wonderful homey, family things to be thankful for.
Civilla said…
Hope you haven't gotten any nastygrams in my name!

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