30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 30 Monday

~ my lost box was not lost at all
~ places that sell car parts on-line
~ my daughter's red skirt from ebay, I hope it fits, for the concert
~ my eldest daughter safely home from camp
~ a nice novel to read
~ gorgeous cake decorations at the shop, actually they were just melts, but my daughter made them look good on cupcakes as eyes

I found a video of a little girl talking about Why I Am Thankful.

The theme for today is Sister's In Christ.


Out Back said…
Well done Linda, so many things to be thankful for. Y

ou will be able to look back later and read these posts and remember.

Have a great week,

Karla Dornacher said…
Linda... thank you so much for joining with me for the 30 Days of Thanksgiving... I know God was smiling as we all took time to give Him thanks... especially for things we can so easily take for granted!!

I love how you did yours too... so much to be thankful for!!

Lord bless you...

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