30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Saturday Day 28

More stuff relating to blessings on day 27:

~ yesterday for some reason in the mail, was a Whiskers sachet of cat food. I loved it. It came from Coles and I am going near a Coles next week. They give you half price cat food. My cat only likes a certain brand. He eats a certain brand dry food as well. Everything has to be fish. The dried food only prawn.

Recently we tried a different brand dried food in prawn and he loved it! And guess what, the Whiskers, a different brand and different flavour, he loved it too! Why? He loved the wet texture.

~ also yesterday it had rained and the rose bed was beautiful and wet to weed. We only got out there for a few minutes. I had had trouble working out what bulbs I was given in a box. We found I had two large packets, heaps of Titonias. Does anyone grow them? There are so many I am going to wait until March to plant them, which is what you are supposed to do I think. We will just find pots for the things that are living now, and maybe put one in the ground.

~ yesterday my daughter made homemade Christmas decorations at Spotlight on Christmas at the church group. It is something nice especially for this year to put on the tree.

~ my eldest being so kind and wanting his brother to live with him next year. I hope we can arrange that they would probably all enjoy it.

~ my son's stuff got home safely on the bus

~ I am thankful about my fishpond. For two years we have struggled with a green look it has. Yesterday I saw that although there is still some brown looking algae in there, you can see the fish clearly and it is a delight to see their orange selves. I love the red floating plants and the iris and it seems more natural and calming.

~ I am thankful for the yellow lily the previous owner of our newer house put there. I didn't even think I could grow them and they are such a blessing. I think it is an Asiatic?

~ I love my mulleins, and yet again they are putting on a wonderful show. What a blessing craft shops are, where lovely ladies grow plants and sell them cheaply with other homemade things, sewing, craft and jams. I also have this other plant that came up in soil from my Mum's. It is like Queen Anne's Lace and has seeded from the wheelbarrow into the soil, and now is four or more feet high, two of them!

~ it was lovely to see the changes that have gone on in the town where the bus stop is for when the boys come home, and also my eldest's girlfriend. Even on the way in the most isolated looking spot, there are two lovely new homes. I also like the people who live there. Also it is nice to see some things the same, things I enjoy. Also they had their street Christmas decorations up. They were Santas on the verandah posts I think, like some I posted a couple of days ago. I ran out of memory to photograph them. Maybe I will get a chance later on, in a week or two to photograph them.

The theme for Day 28 is Christmas.

Blessings on Saturday:

~ ground being damp enough to weed from recent rain
~ gorgeous giant daylilies, well two lovely flowers in particular
~ extra catfood we had stored at our newer house
~ nice clean second house
~ warm berries for me to eat hanging over the fence
~ my little girl doing some dusting for me
~ getting to watch River Cottage Summer


scrappy quilter said…
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I didn't realize you were in the same situation. Hugs

Loved this list!!
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
What a blessing that you take the time of the many lovely things for which to be thankful.

I especially can identify with the cat food situation. Our cats also will only eat fish flavored dry cat food. No wet food at all. They are spoiled, picky kitties, I think.

It is such a blessing that your eldest son wants his brother to live with him. We have a similar situation, which is working out beautifully for our two oldest sons.

Have a wonderful day!

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