Back To Basics Challenge

For the last 2 weeks, should have posted on Monday. It was good to read my last entry, we are getting somewhere, that is fantastic.

Sowing seed or Planting
  • Our daughter's vegetables are growing to the point where her tomatoes need to be staked. She loves how the cucumbers shot up tall, then laid down too.
  • Harvested and used chives for our second quiche making day. Used a different recipe, see below.
  • My husband fixed the watering system the dog had a go at.
  • I think my husband and our son have been making their own mulch from weeds with the mower?

Planning for The Future
  • May get some straw at the farmers shop in a town 1 1/2 hour from here. I know they have straw at a good price and they give good service, and I am going to be there soon.
  • Will go on the VicSwim site for classes for my daughter.
  • Getting our son home to have his wisdom teeth checked so don't have to worry about it next year at uni.
  • Checking out casual employment for him.

Working for the Future

  • My husband said our hose was too small to run the homemade sprinkler that does a large area, so I asked him to buy a new one.
  • Bought a dress for my daughter to wear Christmas day. Also a top for a costume, in Christmas colours, I hope it is a good size, and looks good over her leggings. Has a bit of silver in a white top. She has to do the macarina in it.
  • Spent a lot of time talking to the girls about their togs etc. Bought good shoes, school shoes, togs and board shorts etc. Forgot my son's rash vest, it somehow ended up back on the rack by accident. We had to go down and did some late night shopping. I bought the shoes at FSW and saved some money.
  • Got our radiator fixed, it was like someone put something in it to clog it or stop leaks. Also got lots of other things fixed that needed doing but hadn't, like the fan that could fly off at any moment, which was originally in my car. Good for fire season as we can at least rely on our car in the hot weather. My airconditioning got fixed at the same time. Two small jobs to go, tuning my car in particular.

Building Community
  • Packing for my daughter to go on a camp with local kids, and another to sleep over.

Learn a new Skill
  • I was helping my husband with blind baking. I must say it didn't go well. It was a fairly hot day and we didn't refrigerate the pastry. Anyway, it was interesting. It was a proper quiche.
  • I have been making sure our son can manage at his brother's house. He has been doing his own banking, cooking, washing, shopping. Just needed to make sure he had everything he needed and the odd bit of advice, not much. Learning to ride buses, helping with directions. It also helps me keep up to date with it, we ask his brother things about the area and things.
  • While at the regional centre I saw an idea that expands on one I mentioned earlier. We planted nandinas in front of our box hedge. I saw a minature type of box planted in front of that, so will work on it.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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