Christmas Downunder

This is a bit of a look at an old-fashioned Christmas in Australia. It was in response to my Life As I See It post on the weekend. These are mostly photos from last year. You can see the park where we saw the Christmas lights in the oak trees this week. I have things bought for this year, and a dress for my youngest to wear, and tickets for my son and his girlfriend to visit, but that is all I have done so far. Oh, and I have mince pies and all that sorted. I like my English traditions! You may need to enlarge the first photo to see the raindeer lights.

Carols by Candlelight is on TV every year. This is an ad for a local event.

These are the older photos. Christmas lights around town, holly without berries, I have been wanting to strike this bush to have for ourselves. It does grow in the higher rainfall areas. There is a town in NSW with an amazing holly tree. And Australiana town Christmas decorations you may see the roo there.

Please add your idea of an Aussie Christmas for Gypsy Lala or post your own post about Australian Christmases.


Anonymous said…
A few years ago we were in Australia in November and were amazed to see a snowy Christmas display in an office window in a baking hot Alice Springs!

So, thank you for this post!

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