Community Radio

Do you listen to it? My husband had it on last night. It was quite pleasant, we were eating our meal. He said though they don't tell you what the song was. I think this is the song we were listening to. It is my Country Music pic for this month? I found one where someone put pictures of their town in the Michigan, US to the music. It is called Back Where I Come From. I can relate, wish I could make my own version. There are no barns like that here though.


Out Back said…
I sometimes listen to ABC radio at night as there are interesting things on there. Usually have discussions about everyday things and the listeners can ring in to have their questions answered. I have the radio on when going to bed to listen to the late news.

I am proud of "where I come from" and would love to be back there right now, although our circumstances don't allow it.

HOT HOT HOT here, sixth day straight over 40, breaking all records for November.

Have a great day Linda,

belinda said…
I am a yearly subscriber and listen only to community radio. The stations that I listen to are the larger ones in Vic as such are pretty darn professional, so music and such is announced, given the shows are run by volunteers.

I really love the idea of community radio and luckily round where I am it is wonderful to listen to.

Kind Regards

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