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On Thursday we were driving through a town that is on the way to the regional centre. It is a similar size to our own town our adopted town of our treechange.

As we came into the town there were Christmas lights to greet us. They have in the park two giant oaks (yes, downunder in Australia they still have leaves on) with white lights tied to the branches. It was just beautiful, I couldn't believe it was that time of year already. That town is deserted at night so we had the whole park to ourselves and the weather was nice out. What a shame we couldn't stay just a little longer, it was quite late and a school night. We had been late night shopping, which is on Thursday in NSW I think, and Friday in Victoria. I may have a picture.

My daughter and husband saw an echnida on the way down to get our car fixed. My husband had to explain that he didn't think they did that kind of work on cars in our town. Hopefully there is nothing we haven't heard of.

It is raining here today, as it was yesterday. We really thought it may have cleared up today. Despite being Christmas it is dark like winter and feels like nice hybinating weather. Luckily I have a good book to read.

I haven't been able to get started on it, as I keep wondering if there is something I have to do for my son. He is living with his brother so it is not so bad, but is doing his own jobs for himself, but his brother is teaching him the bus routes and things like that.

He has applied for work, just to get a work history, they haven't let him know yet, so this week he is coming home most likely to attend his high school graduation and get his annual checkup at the dentist.

It is also good practise for the interstate bus too I suppose. All things his brother had to learn when he first went to live in that city.

Yesterday I got to watch on TV the welcome home parade for the armed service personnel from Iraq.

It was just as big a shock leaving our son in the city as it was the first time with our eldest. Not sure why that is. But we are starting to feel ourselves again. Maybe the practise was good.

We have been enjoying the movie channel on Austar, a family movie channel that is new. My husband called me in to watch an old Sally Field movie, that I had seen part of many years ago.

The latest theme from the 30 Days of Thanksgiving is Stretching, so I have been stretched this week I think, so the rainy weather is a nice way to recover. Tonight the final of Australian Idol is on TV.

My husband has too much on his plate, so I had best have a nice rest with my book, it is likely to be a busy week ahead. He is wanting to weed gardens today, but it depends on the rain a little, I can't see it, he is at the other house. Our daughter is here at church. He has some other things to do in case it is raining too much.

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Gypsy Lala said…
Linda, yeas, Christmas season again, wondering what does Christmas feel at your side, maybe you would like to post some pictures this week.
Linda said…
I have some from last year, none yet for this year. Maybe I'll repost. Thanks for visiting!

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