Life hasn't been my ideal but God is still good

Today I am quoting Kimberly who wrote an excellent article At The Well called Living Apart During a Recession. That line "Life hasn't been my ideal but God is still good", at the end of the article, is a wake up call for me. This is what I used to live and breathe, where did my thinking change?

It reminded me of what I wrote in mid July 2008, I quoted an article called Life Wasn't Meant To Be Easy ~ With Courage It Is A Delight! I loved the famous quote from our former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. In fact life then was hard.

At the time Ann said:
Still at Home said... My SO (AKA Our Hero) says that this quote also occurred in James A Michener's novel "The Source" and he said "life wasn't meant to be easy, it was meant to be life". Whether or not he was aware of the original quote by GBS, I am not sure.


Happy Hermit said…
Its always gotta rain int the garden , cause the flowers need it. It learning to look forward to the flowers , that makes the rain tolerable.

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